A Work Around For The iPhone New Year Alarm Glitch

Apple’s iPhone alarm clock showed some strange new year traits and failed to wake users on New Year’s Day and January 2 due to a bug Apple still hasn’t fully explained.

Apple did make a statement yesterday saying that the failure of its clock app only happens when you set a one-time alarm, and it will somehow fix itself on January 3. However the problem still seems to exist.

iPhone Clock

If your not so sure you want to risk being late again here’s how to work around the problem until Apple delivers a fix.

1. Open the clock app.

2. Tap Edit. You’ll see a red minus sign appear next to each of your saved alarms. Tap the symbol to delete each one.

3. Create a new alarm each day. Don’t risk saving it again for the next day until there’s a fix from Apple.

As an alternative to using your iPhone allarm clock, there is a Nightstand Central app available for the iPhone, that hasn’t been affected by the glitch, you can  download it here.

Via Business Insider

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