$500 Printed Circuit Board Toilet

What do you get the geeky that has every gadget available? Well how about a very unique $500 printed circuit board toilet which has been created and is currently available to purchase over on the Etsy website.

The makers PCB Creations are well known for building amazing creations using printed circuit boards including shoes and bananas but the “Royal Data Throne” is definitely something very unique and measures 12″ x 11″ x 5″.


“Some say it couldn’t be made, but I had to, The Royal Data Throne is a place where data is…disposed. This is a fun sculpture that is full of detail, it has guts in the tanks and a secret hiding place for your..data under the lid, a fun and one of a kind piece to brag about.”

Source: Etsy : DVICE

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  • http://www.rushpcb.co.uk/ PCB Manufacture

    LOL.. Really cool idea.. Who will buy this circuit board toilet?