40-Node Raspberry Pi Cluster Built By David Guill (video)

If you enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC you might be interested in this new creation in the form of a 40-Node Raspberry Pi cluster complete with custom-made case.

The 40-Node Raspberry Pi cluster Has been created by David Guill an electrical engineer who recently constructed 40-node computing cluster based on the Raspberry Pi single board computer. Check out the videos after the jump to learn more about his creation.

40-Node Raspi Cluster

The consists of 40 cores Broadcom BCM2835 @700 MHz, 20 GB total distributed RAM and 20 GB total distributed RAM.

“In the practical sense, this is a supercomputer which has been scaled down to the point where the entire system is about as fast as a nice desktop system. Most of the resources available to individual nodes have been proportionally scaled. I believe this will make it an ideal testbed for distributed software.”

My goals for this project were as follows:
–  Build a model supercomputer, which structurally mimics a modern supercomputer.
–  All hardware required for the cluster to operate is housed in a case no larger than a full tower.
–  Parts that are likely to fail should be easy to replace.
– It should be space-efficient, energy-efficient, economically-efficient, and well-constructed.
  Ideally, it should be visually pleasing.

For more information on the new 40-Node Raspberry Pi cluster jump over to the David Guill website for details.

Source: Hack A Day

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