3M Reveals the World’s Smallest Micro Projector

3M has released details of a tiny Micro projector that is designed to be used inside mobile phones.

3M Reveals the World's Smallest Micro Projector

As you can see from the picture the projector is tiny, measuring just half an inch thick,

According to 3M this tiny projector engine can be integrated into many personal electronic devices, including mobile phones, personal media players, handheld gaming consoles and cameras.

The mini projector engine is capable of projecting a 40 inch image at VGA resolution.

3M have stated that a number of manufactures will be launching products in 2008 with their mini projector engine built in, and they will be showing off this new engine in action at CES next week.

Press Release via TechDigest

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  • Andy Bailey

    how fantastic! I think those concept designs of a pen pc that shines it’s desktop onto a nearby wall are getting closer to reality

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  • Wade

    How do we get ahold of the engine itself to develop our own product without having to buy some other product that uses it?

  • Ali

    does it also self-destruct in 5 seconds?
    that would be cool!

  • Ryan

    Looks like this can be used (or has been) with the SixthSense Gesture system. If you haven’t looked into that, check it out! Going to be open-source released soon.