3DBoard App Transforms Your iPhone Homescreen Into 3D (video)

If you fancy adding a little 3D to your jailbroken iPhone home without the need to view it wearing glasses a new application called 3DBoard will soon arriving at the Cydia store for $4.

The 3DBoard application has been developed by Apocalypse and creates a fantastic 3D effect on your home screen icons and and the best thing of all is you dont have to wear any silly glasses to view it.  Watch the video after the jump to see the effect in action.

3DBoard App

Apocalypse has cleverly used the iPhone’s built-in sensors to adjust when and where to add a shadow to the icons providing the appearance of being 3 dimensional. 3DBoard is a great little application to tweak the look of your iPhone with 3D effects.

Via 9to5 Mac via Gizmodo and Mac Stories

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  • Saurabh

    This is sooo awesome.. wen cn v expect this??

  • http://up2dateapple.wordpress.com Kieran

    Love it!

  • Stuart Halliday

    Probably already swiped for use in Android. :)