Microbiologist Fashion Designer Makes Milk Clothes (Video)

Smart women. We’d be in very bad shape without them. Who else would save the great mass of humankind from fashion disasters? Actually the true value of women transcends the confines of mere fashion. But alas, this is a fashion-related post. Seen below is are lovely models modeling the latest from Anke Domaske. It’s a milk dress. Wait, what?

Milk Dresses

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Intel Rolls Out Car Security App

What this app does is sync with your car’s security system and save footage onto the cloud. When anything suspicious happens, it streams the data on your phone. Simple, huh? Not quite, as the technology is still in the ┬átesting stage. At least the tests are already netting positive results.

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Fearsome Fire And Flame From Lego Dragon (Video)

Lego designer and enthusiast Aaron Amatnieks certainly has a taste for grandeur. Seen below is his “fire-breathing┬áLego red dragon.” This should warm the hearts of passionate RPG fans and fantasy geeks in general. Seen below is the highly detailed build in all its fearsomeness.

The cool part of course is when it breathes fire. Naturally, you’re curious as to why the Lego bricks at the mouth don’t melt. Well, lighter flames aren’t that hot to begin with. There’s a nice video after the jump.

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Researchers Create AI For DNA Neural Network

While we’re tempted to drop Terminator references, the shattering awful truth is this new breakthrough leaves us numb. According to a paper released by California Institute of Technology scientists last week, they’ve managed to create artificial intelligence using DNA strands. That’s the oversimplified version of course. Read on for the good stuff.

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First HALE-D Test Flight A Promising Disaster

Hale what? HALE-D, as in High Altitude Long Endurance-Demonstartor. In other words, a newfangled airship. Wile its common knowledge that airships are old tech, the aircraft type has been in disuse for ages. But thanks to the extended campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, airships are back in fashion. Especially in surveillance and security roles, which is the raison d’etre of the HALE-D.

Hale D

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Global Population Hits 7 Billion Later This Year

‘Tis a fact and not speculation. Barring a cataclysmic giant asteroid or a zombie apocalypse, 135 million people are expected to be born this year. A number that would easily rank among the top 10 world’s most amazing feats. The analysis of such a new milestone, however, is quite disturbing.

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First 3D Printed Plane Takes Flight

Seen below is the work of an Eosint P730, a nylon laser sintering tool used by Southampton University nerds to build an airplane. It’s a UAV if you want to get specific. Dubbed the SULSA, the aircraft that has flown successfully is the culmination of unique design features familiar to WW2 airplane buffs. This means it’s a double win for 3D printing and efficient aircraft production.

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Upcoming PAS House Is A Skateboarder Paradise

Upon a picturesque lot in Las Flores Canyon, Malibu shall rise a skateboarder’s dream. A livable structure and fully furnished house modded with interconnected path ways and curved corners so skaters can skate inside it 24/7. The diabolical mind behind such an ingenious habitat is Pierre-Andre Senizergue, a skating veteran and entrepreneur who wants the upcoming crib to be an idea in motion.

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Apple Has More Money Than US Government

Like the Portal 2 song goes, this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Not the fact that Apple has enough money to rebuild Cupertino in $20 dollar bills five times over, nobody would dispute the fact that it’s more than earned it. That whole corporation with more money than the country it’ currently residing in should be a bit of a wake up call, though.

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