Respawn’s New Game Revealed, But Not Really

This was supposed to be a bit of news about former Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West’s latest project in collaboration with EA. Only it really isn’t. It’s not much of anything actually. Just a blurry screenshot that tells us that a. they’re working on a game, which we already knew and b. it’s going to have grass and mountains in it, maybe. Which is reassuring in its own way, we suppose, just not in the way Respawn probably wanted. In fact, we don’t even think they were going for reassuring.

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World Of Warcraft Now Free To Play Up To Level 20

It’s probably better that I’ve never played one solitary iota of World of Warcraft, as my valued memories would now undoubtedly be irremediably cheapened, sullied and trodden upon by the unwashed boots of the hobnailed masses. Or at least that’s what I imagine would happen if I wasn’t a card-carrying member of the  hoi polloi myself. I certainly experienced a tiny irrational sense of betrayal when Team Fortress 2 went F2P a few days ago, and Valve didn’t even charge me monthly for that one.

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Powerful Invictus Flashlight Can Blind Vampires

At 800 lumens, it sure is bright. So bright, you an fry vampires with it. Okay, so we made up that part. But 800 lumens is no joke and the kind of battery power needed means a couple of fat Eveready’s won’t do the job. The SureFire Invictus is the long anticipated heavy duty monster with aluminum casing flashlight that’s been hyped since 2010. After the long wait, it’s finally available for law enforcement types, outdoor  enthusiasts, handymen, and people afraid of the dark in general.

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Japanese Sense-Roid Robot Is For Hugging Yourself (Video)

Somewhere in Japan, a mannequin torso is being hugged like crazy. All in the name of science and robotics, of course. Besides, hugging is nice. Just check the video after the jump.

Anyway, seen below is Sense-Roid, a student project from the University of Electro-Communications. If you’re wondering what’s being done to it, why, it’s being hugged.


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AT&T HTC Status Facebook Phone Gets Official

Earlier today we showed you some photos of the US version of the HTC ChaCha Facebook phone which is headed to AT&T, the HTC Status, and now AT&T has officially announced the HTC Status Facebook Phone.

The HTC Status features a 2.6 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, processing is provided by an 800MHz processor and there is also a five megapixel camera on the back with auto-focus and a VGA camera up front .

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Elliptical Machine Office Desk Lets You Huff while you Work

I think we can all agree that having to be at work sucks bad enough that the last thing we want is anything that makes work more taxing. I also think there are a few people out there that really want to get into shape, but are too chained to a desk to find the time. Hammacher Schlemmer has a new product called The Elliptical Machine Office Desk that will let you work and get fit at the same time.

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

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Nokia 700 (Zeta) Symbian Belle Smartphone Leaked

The guys over at GSM Arena have managed to get their hands on some photos of a yet to be announced Nokia Symbian smartphone, the Nokia 700 (Zeta), along with some specifications.

According to the report the Nokia 700 is running Symbian Belle, which is the next version of Symbian after Symbian Anna, and it features a 3.2 inch nHD AMOLED display, and a possible 1GHz processor.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Breaks UK Sales Record Selling 3.72 Million Copies

Activision and Treyach’s Call of Duty: Black Ops first person shooter has set a new record in the UK by selling over 3.72 million copies since its release.

Becoming the biggest selling game in UK games market history beating the previous holder  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which held the record with 3,702,410 copies sold, Call of Duty: Black Ops cumulative UK sales up to June 25th stood at 3,722,411


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DyzPlastic Heroes And Villans Android Collectibles Announced

We have already featureds the previous versions of the Android collectibles from the guys at DyzPlastics, and now they are releasing a new range of Android collectible mascots called Heroes and Villans.

There will be four different versions available, and they will debut at the 2011 Interntaional Comic-Con in San Diego, and will only be available in a limited number, with one design being made available each day from Wednesday the 20th of July at Comic-Con.

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MSI Launches 14 Inch CX480 Laptop With nVidia GeForce GT 520M

Today MSI have announced their new CX480 laptop which is equipped with a Intel 2nd generation Core i processor with options for either a Core i5-2410 (2.30GHz) or Core i3-2310 (2.10GHz) to be fitted.

The new CX480 uses a nVidia GeForce GT520M discrete graphics card with 1GB of DDR3 display memory and supports DirectX 11, together witha automatic graphics switching to help conserve your battery power when graphics performance is not required, providing up to 8.5 hours of use on a full battery.


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Samsung Files ITC Complaint Against Apple

It looks like the battle between Samsung and Apple is heating up, last week we heard that Apple had filed a lawsuit against Samung in South Korea, we also heard rumors this week that Apple are pulling away their business from Samsung.

Samsung currently makes a number of components for Apple’s range of iOS devices, and now it would appear that Samung has filed a complaint against apple with the ITC (International Trade Commission).

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