Molyneux: Fable The Journey “Amazing”, Industry Rolls Eyes

Probably only matched for hyperbole by Apple’s CEO, only with the difference that Steve can occasionally back his up, Lionhead err… hed Peter Molyneux is up to his old tricks. Man, you’d think he’d have at least remembered that damn acorn. Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats and don’t forget to count the instances of “amazing” as P. T. Molyneux does his thing.

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Bungie Aerospace Is Actually Indie Game Development Effort

No, Bungie aren’t going all John Carmack and on us and launching a homegrown space program, despite the highly interpretable name of their latest endeavour. It turns out it’s nothing more than a way for Bungie to disseminate the work of some deserving indie creators to the Bungie community, which was presumably crying out for thoughtful indie manifestos in between the teabagging and more teabagging.

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Homemade 555 Timer Chip Footstool Looks Like The Real Thing

As the tired old saying/meme goes, necessity is the mother of invention. The necessity in this particular scenario was a dire need for a foot stool. The mothering of course involved a very unique build that isn’t as hard core as some may presume. It’s design based on a 555 timer chip, the foot stool has proven itself durable enough to withstand the pressure of the heaviest feet around.

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Coral Tools Concept has Screwdrivers, Wine Opener, and Hammer Guide

I always misplace my screwdrivers. The things tend to roll under stuff and get put way in the back of a drawer where I can’t find them. If a screwdriver had a different design, it would be easier to keep up with. The Coral Tools concept from designers Jinyoung Choi, Junpyo Kim, Hyungwoo Uhm, Joonhyoung Seo & Kijo Son might be exactly what I need to be able to keep track of my tools.

Coral Tools

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Shuttle H3 6700G Compact And Powerful Gaming System

Shuttle the manufactures of small footprint computers and barebone systems has this week launched its new Shuttle H3 6700G Gaming System which can be customised to suit your exact requirements starting from $1,035.

The Shuttle H3 6700G was first show cased at E3 earlier this year and has been designed to provide a small yet powerful gaming system which can be powered by a second generation Intel Core i7 2600K processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 graphics card, and up to 16GB DDR3 memory if desired, all powered by a single 300w power supply.

Shuttle H3 6700G

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Facebook For iPhone Gets Updated

Facebook has updated their official iPhone App, and the latest version gets a number of bug fixes as well as some new features, one of the new features for Facebook for iPhone is the ability to save Facebook photos direct to your iPhone’s camera roll.

On top of that Facebook has also updated the user interface on the app for profile pages, and they have also improved security on the app as well as a number of bug fixes.

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Latest Apple Patent Reveals Smart Dock For MacBook

We have featured quite a few of Apple’s patent’s before here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one reveals a new ‘Smart Dock’ for the MacBook, and it looks like the Smart Dock will be location smart or location aware.

As you can see in the picture below, the Smart Dock could be set to work with devices in your living room, or in your office, your home computer or even your car.

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HTC Eternity Smartphone Specifications Leaked

Images of the new HTC Eternity smartphone together with a few specifications have leaked out and been discovered by the German HTC Inside website.

The leaked specifications show that the new HTC Eternity will be running Windows Phome 7 and powered by a single-core 1.5GHz processor, and be equipped with an impressive 8 megapixel rear camera complete with autofocus and dual LED flash and a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera.

HTC Eternity

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