The Coolest Gadgets we missed this week – 29th May 2009

It is almost the end of the week here at geeky gadgets, it certainly has be an interesting week, with lots of cool new gadgets, gizmos plus a ton of fun geeky gear.

As usual during our travels around the Internet we have seen lots of cool stuff that I just haven’t had the time to write about, so here is our round up of the coolest gadgets we missed this week.


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Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop

Details have been leaked of the latest gaming laptop from Alienware, the Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop which wasn’t scheduled to be released for another four days.

From the specifications, the Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop certainly looks like it is going to be a serious piece of kit, with dual 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPU’s and a Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor.

Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop

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Sony Aino – The PS3 Syncing Phone

Sony has released details of a new mobile phone, the Sony Aino.

The Sony Aino may just look like another mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, but this one lets you access content on your PS3 over 3G, via Remote Play.

You will be able to stream music, play movies and pictures direct from your PS3 hard drive, and also you will be able to access PlayTV which lets you watch, pause and rewind live TV.

Sony Aino

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Palm Pre Will Sync With iTunes

It looks like there may be another reason to take a look at the Palm Pre when it arrives, it will be able to automatically sync with iTunes, and iTunes will recognize it as an iPod.

The Palm Pre will be able to automatically sync non DRM tunes from your iTunes library, as well as just about everything else in iTunes, excluding DRM music and of course iPhone applications.

palm pre syn itunes

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iPhone Accessories – GEAR4 ChargeDock

GEAR4 has announced the launch of the ChargeDock for the iPhone which is designed to be the ultimate docking station for your iPhone.

The GEAR4 ChargeDock can be used to charge and sync your iPhone direct with your PC or Mac via USB or, it can be charged with the additional power cable direct from your power socket.

GEAR4 ChargeDock

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Gorilla Carbon Fiber iPhone Case

There are tons of different iPhone cases to choose from, some are designed for a specific job to protect your iPhone from knock and bumps and some are designed to make your iPhone look a little different than everyone else.

If you are looking for an iPhone case that is going to make you stand out from the crowd, then check out this cool carbon fiber iPhone case from Gorilla.

Gorilla Carbon Fibre iPhone Case

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