Linux Gadgets – The Fit PC

Check out this Fan-less Linux PC from Compulab.


It is roughly the size of a paperback book, and it only uses a small amount of power between 3 to 5 watts.


The fitPC comes with Linux pre-installed and is design to fit into spaces where conventional PC’s can’t.

According to Compulab the fit-PC is based on the company’s CM-iGLX computer-on-module (COM), reported as the world’s smallest LX800-based single-board computer when it was introduced. The module has a 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor, and is equipped with 256 MB of DDR RAM and up to 512 MB of NAND flash.

The fitPC is designed to be virtually maintenance free and ideal for 24/7 use in the home or office.

The is no fan, but the fitPC is cooled by its black anodized case, which serves as a heat sink.

The Specs

  • 40 GB hard drive
  • Dual 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • SXGA graphics controller, resolution to 1920 x 1440
  • 2 USB 2.0 high speed ports
  • Audio in/out interfaces
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Single 5V power supply
  • Dimensions — 4.7 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches (120 x 116 x 40 mm)

It is also possible to run Windows XP on the fit PC, and you can order it online for $285 (About £140) plus delivery.

Via Linuxdevices

PC Mods – Tiny PC in a Wooden Box – G-metric Nano

The G-metric Nano is a desktop tiny PC featuring a VIA NX15000 Nano-ITX mainboard and 1GB of Crucial DDR2 memory. The power is provided by an 80W picoPSU and it features a stunning design by Jeffrey Stephenson.

g-metric nano

The case is handmade from Hard Pennsylvania Cherry veneer and it features an art deco geometric design on the top of the PC, the is also an inlay which is constructed using walnut, mahogany, basswood and cherry veneers.

g-metric nano

This is a stunning PC case-mod, head on over to slipperyskip for more pictures and full details on how it was designed an built, you can also find a full list of components that were used in the build.

via Gizmodo

IDE to SD Card Adapter

Check out the IDE to SD card adapter which is designed to let you use an SD card with your computer as you hard drive, it is designed to be replace your HDD or replace an additional HDD.

ide to sd card adapter

This SD card adapter  connects directly to an IDE cable and you can use an SD card as the main hard drive for your operating system.

It is probably not going to be faster than a SATA hard drive, but it will use virtually no power, so it work be a great solution to use in a small Linux PC.
The IDE to SD Card Adapter is available to buy online from gizfever for $24.99 (about £12.50), you can find out full details on the device over at their website.

via SlashGear

iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Confirmed – Full Video Demo

Gear Live have produced a new video showing all the new features in the upcoming iPhone update, the next version of Apple’s mobile software will be firmware version 1.1.3

The update brings a range of new features to the Apple iPhone, have a look at the video below for more information on what will be included in the next software release.

The are a couple of cool new features, the main one being the ability to reorganize the icons on the home screen. As yet there are no details on when the Apple 1.1.3 iPhone software will be released.

As soon as we get some information on the exact release date of the Apple iPhone 1.1.3 software we will let you know.

via Apple Gazzette

Mini Solar Powered Linux PC

The Aleutia E1 is a mini Linux PC, which comes in a tough aluminium case, has no moving parts and also runs in complete silence.

Aleutia E1

The cool thing about this mini linux PC is that it uses only 8 watts of power, which is about a quarter of the power used by an average laptop.


Aleutia E1

It runs the Puppy Linux OS, and also comes with office compatible software.
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Geeky Concepts – The Optimus Tactus Keyboard

Check out this concept keyboard from Art. Lebedev Studio, the company that produced the Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard, named the Optimus Tactus Keyboard.

Their latest keyboard comes with a new design and features over the previous model, and is designed to be programmed to suit your preferences.


optimus tactus keyboard

The Optimus Tactus Keyboard has no physical keys, the keyboard can be programmed to display any images and perform any function, and you can basically use any design you want.

optimus tactus keyboard

This is an amazing looking concept, whether or not it will go into production is anyone’s guess, everyone know the problems Art Lebedev have had getting the Optimus Maximus keyboard to market.

It will be interesting to see if this cool looking concept keyboard ends up hitting the store, as soon as we get some more details on a launch date and a price, we will let you guys know.

via Geek Alerts

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