Raspberry Pi Personal Assistant (video)

Raspberry Pi Personal Assistant

Anyone who has wanted to build a very own virtual helper might be interested in a project that has been published over on the Instructables website by user Janw that shows you how to make a Raspberry Pi personal assistant.

The project to create the Raspberry Pi personal assistant was inspired when its creator found half of a 1950s bakelite Televox intercom, which has now been modified and refitted to provide a very unique and retro styling to the project.

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iPhone Recovered Full Working After 5 Days Covered In Snow And Ice


Brooklyn resident Michael McWatters has shared a story this week via Twitter which explained how whilst walking to his car his six-year-old twins spotted an iPhone embedded in the snow and ice on the ground.

After further investigation and carefully excavating the iPhone from the ice, he discovered that the Home button was completely frozen solid, and due the smartphone not being protected by a case he thought the worst for the iPhone.

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Racer Omate Smartwatch To Be Built In Africa (video)

Omate Smartwatch

After launching the new Omate smartwatch in the form of the Racer last month priced at $129 it has now been revealed that the smartwatch will be the first of its kind to be assembled in Africa.

It has been announced this week that the new smartwatch will be heading to Africa in locations in Congo, Ivory Coast and Cameroon to begin with during June 2015.

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Grifta Game Controller Hits Kickstarter


When it comes to gaming on consoles or mobile devices, there are more controllers out there than you can shake a stick at. Most of them are similarly designed and feel about the same in the hand. It’s nice to have one controller you can use for gaming with your console and with your mobile device.

A game controller called the Grifta has turned up on Kickstarter that will work for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. In addition to those four consoles, it also works with Windows PCs and Android devices. You do need a XIM adapter for the controller to work with the PS4, and either Xbox console.

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A New Mid-range BlackBerry Device Leaked


BlackBerry is reportedly working on yet another touch-enabled handsets, which is expected to see the light of the day in the coming weeks. The alleged device is codenamed Rio — if you can’t recall, we heard about the alleged handset last year as well.

Now, the folks at N4BB managed to get their hands on some images of the upcoming Blackberry Rio, which appears to be a device similar to the BlackBerry Z3 with a full-touch display.

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