Microsoft’s GDC 2015 Presentation Now Available To View (video)

Microsoft's GDC 2015 Presentation

During the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2015) this week Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and Microsoft Studios made a presentation on “The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosytem”.

If you missed the hour long presentation you will be pleased to know that it is now available to watch in its entirety below providing a glimpse at what plans Microsoft has for the future development of their Xbox gaming console and services.
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Snakebyte QEUS Smart TV Box Unveiled For Under $100

Snakebyte QEUS Smart TV Box

In addition to the unveiling of the new Nvidia Shield Console earlier this week at GDC 2015, offering gamers the very first 4K Ultra HD gaming console. Snakebyte has also this week taken the wraps off their new games console in the form of the QEUS smart TV box.

The QEUS smart TV box is powered by a Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor supported by 2GB of RAM and comes supplied with a games controller and a remote control providing a full QWERTY keyboard that is equipped with 6-axis sensor for motion control.

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i Ready O Transforms Your All iPhone Into a Retro Radio (video)

i Ready O Transforms Your All iPhone Into a Retro Radio

Anyone that has an old iPhone sitting in a desk draw or cupboard gathering dust, might be interseted in a new solution for a retro radio that can breath life back into your old iOS devices called i Ready O.

i Ready O has been created by K Tech to transform your iPhone into a retro radio by bringing analog into the new digital age by combining retro radio designs with your iPhone. Watch the video below to learn more about the new design and see it in action.

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EA Shuts Down Maxis


If you have been playing the SimCity games, you probably already know that Maxis is the developer behind the titles. Sadly, we have some bad new if you were hoping to see future titles released under the Maxis banner. The bad news is that EA has recently announced that they will be shutting down Maxis.

Take a deep breath. This does not mean that there will no longer be future SimCity or The Sims titles, it just means that development of those games will be moved to EA’s own studios at Redwood Shores, California; Salt Lake City; Helsinki; and Melbourne, Australia.
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New Avengers Age of Ultron trailer


Marvel fans have a new treat in the form of another Avengers Age of Ultron trailer. This trailer shows us some things we’ve seen before, but it is mostly full of new footage. A lot of which is talking. There’s nothing particularly spoilerly, but just the same be careful if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The trailer starts off with the same theme from the second trailer, but there is different footage. It certainly makes me want to see this movie even more.
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